Working on my Etsy Shop (1FuzzyMonster)

Nothing would please me more than to quit my day job (see previous over dramatic accounts of my job and future over dramatic complaints…) Today I’m updating my Etsy Shop. I never know what to write in the descriptions. Kind of want to put: Look at my amazing art! It will increase your sex drive, lead to you finding money on the street and losing ten pounds if you buy one piece of my super melty magical art!

Instead I put normal stuff.

I wouldn’t want to be sued because someone bought my stuff and it did none of those things… And I wouldn’t want to be sued because it did those things and the girl who bought my necklace ended up cheating on her husband (because his sex drive did not increase enough to match hers and the mailman is super smoking…)  and buying a hovercraft with the money she found on the street. That would be some terrible karma.

But you know… my art is super cute and will look good on you or around you in your home. It may or may not increase friskiness between you and your mate. Buy my stuff. Free me from my day job.