The End of The Red Mirror…

I wrote a story a zillion years ago called, “The Red Mirror.” I have mentioned it before… but anyway I wrote it when I was a kid and it is so heavily 80’s influenced that I love it. So I have been rewriting it for the last couple of months. Now it’s done! Woo! The story is now completely typed up into a neat little file on my computer. So now what?

The best plan is to let it rest for 2 weeks. I need to distance myself from the piece and then start the exhaustive task of updating it into something that might work for now. While transcribing it I found several things that only work pre-cellphone age. Also I needed to make my teens a little edgier. My teens were so…clean. So there’s that. Also my heroine doesn’t kill anyone. I have to fix that in the rewrite. Heroine’s need to kill the big bad. That’s storytelling page one. Also she needs to just do and be more. She’s not the only one thought, most of my characters need more personality. The grains of truth are there, they just need to be nurtured and expanded into real people.

Also I need the plot to be expanded. Need to add at least one subplot. The story is also only 25,000 words. I need at least 80,000 for most of the publishers I want to send it to so there is that too. It makes me wonder if I should self publish as a novella if I can’t get the word count to where it needs to be. But those are Future Me’s problems. Present Day Me is too busy celebrating that she took a story that was in ALL CAPS printed on Dot Matrix printer story and managed to get that sucker typed up and into a modern machine without tossing the whole project in the bin. Yay me! Celebrating the little victories of being a writer!

Tonight is a good night to be a writer. 


Small Business Owner Me?

The scariest moment is always just before you start. – Stephen King

You can read about my previous job in other ramblings. Just know this, I quit. My brain had had enough of cotton being shoved in and ideas being pushed out. The problem was the ideas kept boiling up despite the cotton leading to a brain fit to bursting. I am excited to say I am now solely the Owner & Operator of 1 Fuzzy Monster – A design/custom illustration/handmade goods company.

I am ready to take on the world one project at a time. A children’s book idea was presented to me not 2 hours after I left work for the last time and it’s a good one. Several ideas for new illustrations have cropped up. It was so bad I was forced to abandon relaxing on the couch and wondering what to do next for a jaunt to Dick Blick to buy supplies. And it’s a good thing I have a finite budget or I would have bought absolutely everything they had…twice. When I got to the city a car rolled out of the spot I wanted and the weather  fancied up for me. It was like one of those dumb scenes in a movie where I cheerfully danced my way to the supplies–not really. But it was a close facsimile in my head.

Now I’m debating whether or not I should walk in the park before I start crocking some dinner and knocking out some fresh art. What a nice day!

Keep it nice. Think of me for your very next art project, okay? 😉

Psst… I also went to Ikea. Fabulous!