I’m going to stop putting days on here since I am so random in posting. But progress has been made! Since the last time I’ve posted I got a fiverr gig for writing and did some ghostwriting that was well received. I was told it was so good they had to verify I wrote it. Ha! No I didn’t copy and paste sir, I wrote this. I was late on the gig though, stupid holidays! Now that they’re over I expect to be able to focus more. Maybe get somewhere with the writing. To that effect:

I have gotten my textbroker account working. They have rated me 3 Stars. I’m guessing that means they’ve just proved that I can speak and write in English. Now I have to choose some articles and get some better ratings to open up the pool to better, more interesting assignments. But first I must prove myself. So tomorrow I will be picking and writing my first article for them. I’ll let yo know how that turns out. But unfortunately it means filling in the dreaded tax form. See first ep of Black Books for my exact feelings on taxes and forms and tax forms. But I shall persevere.

On the fictional front: I’ve been working on a vampire novel since I was 14. Well I wrote it when I was 14, then forgot about it for a decade. I found it in a box and read it. I thought: This isn’t that terrible. I should rewrite this. Forgot about it for another decade and have now resurrected it yet again. I’ve mostly finished transcribing/rewriting it back into the computer. Tonight I added another 700+ words. It will probably be done the day before I die but such is life.



Day 7: Writing Career…Snow Day?

I got canceled from work and thought I would get loads done. And I did but it was mostly illustration and rescuing a friend’s car from the snow. I also watched way too many episodes of Doctor Who and now have an English accent as I type. Oh go on…

The short story I wrote yesterday has gotten 2 good reviews so far. Waiting on one more and then Thursday when I’m off, I will be editing it. But I’m pretty excited about the positive feedback. It makes me want to keep going. One beta reader even suggested I just send all my writing to her for review (I think she likes it!) So there’s that!

Also signed up for a writing site. It looks pretty interesting. Started filling out my information. I am 47% complete. Whoosh! That’s a lot of completeness for one day. I am feeling pretty accomplished and I made cookies.

Working on my Etsy Shop (1FuzzyMonster)

Nothing would please me more than to quit my day job (see previous over dramatic accounts of my job and future over dramatic complaints…) Today I’m updating my Etsy Shop. I never know what to write in the descriptions. Kind of want to put: Look at my amazing art! It will increase your sex drive, lead to you finding money on the street and losing ten pounds if you buy one piece of my super melty magical art!

Instead I put normal stuff.

I wouldn’t want to be sued because someone bought my stuff and it did none of those things… And I wouldn’t want to be sued because it did those things and the girl who bought my necklace ended up cheating on her husband (because his sex drive did not increase enough to match hers and the mailman is super smoking…)  and buying a hovercraft with the money she found on the street. That would be some terrible karma.

But you know… my art is super cute and will look good on you or around you in your home. It may or may not increase friskiness between you and your mate. Buy my stuff. Free me from my day job.


Why My Day Job is like a Bad Relationship

Yesterday I was not in the mood to come to my day job. My night job as an artist/writer is almost always more fun/stimulating/fulfilling you name it & I was behind in a few of my awesome projects. So when arrived at the shiny exterior of my work I was in a raging bad mood and when I crossed the threshold the feeling of depression fell on my shoulders like a heavy blanket and there in a tiny dead heap was a bird.

My work had killed a bird.

I’m convince this tiny fellow with the bright yellow feathers in his wings flew into the negativity bubble that surrounds my work & died. His cheerfulness could not survive it. I imagine since he was so perfectly preserved that he was killed instantly by a brain aneurysm. Sad but final. He was dead. I still had to go inside and work for eight hours.

Luckily, my fellow inmates do their best to fight off the grayness & I made it through another day. But in the midst of commiserating, two of us compared this place to a bad relationship. We keep coming into it cheerful & ready to work on our issues. But it keeps coming at us telling us there is nothing wrong with it. Work says our feelings & ideas are not valid. Work says we used to be thinner, younger, prettier… Work never says thank you and never cleans up after itself. We are constantly cleaning up after it thanklessly.

I feel like I’ve been trying to break up with my job for months now. So do I stay & hope it changes? Or do I leave before I’m a tiny dead bird with my cheerful feathers stilled forever?