Rewriting the Past!

Did something to my back so the gym is out for a few days. No worries, I am swimming still. I should not put any fat on, even if I don’t take any off. Today is laundry day anyway and that takes forever….OMG just dry towels!!!! But my business still got some attention even though sitting at the computer screen is not helping the twinge. The things we do for the love of it.

Anyway, I wrote this vampire novel in the way, way back. It’s called, ‘The Red Mirror.’ Apparently a few of my friends loved the story, I loved the story. I reread the story and said, “Wow, this is a little 80’s.” But I still liked the plot. I’ve been updating and rewriting it ever since. The original was a whopping 21 pages long in ALL CAPS FOR SOME REASON UNFATHOMABLE TO ME. Currently I have 26 pages and 8 of the original draft to get typed into the PC. By the time I’m done it might be novella length. After the initial rewrite, I am going to get it up to 50,000 words if it kills me. Then I am going to shop this old ass story around because tween-teenager me was pretty damned creative. I could learn from her.

On the illustration front:

I completed my first project and got 5 Stars (was there ever a doubt?) I also got a nibble on a second one. I will let you know when I am queen of my Fiverr Empire. 

My #twoodle (search it pals!) this week was so cute (a platypus flying with balloons) that it inspired me to create another kids’ picture book. This one will be poetry. I may need help with the poetry as that’s one of those gray areas where I think I am awesome until someone reads it out loud. Ha!

My portfolio on is updated and the domain is working again! Yay!


On the Guinea Pig front:

We were afraid Winter had an Upper Respiratory Infection because he was wheezing more than ever. But he had no discharge (boogers/eye boogers) and was eating like a fiend (that’s his normal eating style BTW.) So I thought it might be allergies or heart failure since he is an older piglet. We swapped the bedding and the wheezing is back to normal. I have also ordered him heart support guinea pig food just in case. He is my buddy. I got to take good care of him.

The babies are all adopted out except for Johnny Bananas and his brother Jumper Jones. They’re 17 days old. They need to be 21 before they go in with the dudes (boars.) I am watching them like a hawk. If they start any older pig behavior they go to Dale to get older dude pig training before adoption. That should be the end of the accidental breeding unless one of these gals is a hermaphrodite. 



Rededicating Myself to the Home Business and Some Other Good Stuff Too.

I’m sitting in front of my computer drinking a new meal replacement drink my BF is getting into marketing. It tastes like melted chocolate ice cream and is only very slightly too thick. And that is my fault since I used 1% milk instead of the skim or water it recommends. So yep, I will be full for awhile. This is great news since my dad bought me Spicy Nacho Doritos and I want to eat the whole bag in one sitting then regret it for the rest of the day, only to go out tomorrow hunting for more delicious salty snacks. Mmm melted chocolate is good enough to distract me though.

My link has been down for 3 weeks. Some server insanity kicked it off and my tech pal got the dns settings working today. I uploaded stuff and I am still waiting for it to appear. I am tech savvy but I am no programmer so I could have done any number of things wrong. But it is a good sign that I may have a quicker link to my business back up and running. Not that I ever stopped. I even have 9 pieces in the Metropolitan Bakery in University City, 4013 Walnut Street, Phila, PA. Check it out! I just want to get going on the money making part of my endeavors.

Last night I made a ton of lists. I did some research. Now all I need to do is start.

So this is me starting. (Plus I’m also starting a fitness plan…)

Working on my Etsy Shop (1FuzzyMonster)

Nothing would please me more than to quit my day job (see previous over dramatic accounts of my job and future over dramatic complaints…) Today I’m updating my Etsy Shop. I never know what to write in the descriptions. Kind of want to put: Look at my amazing art! It will increase your sex drive, lead to you finding money on the street and losing ten pounds if you buy one piece of my super melty magical art!

Instead I put normal stuff.

I wouldn’t want to be sued because someone bought my stuff and it did none of those things… And I wouldn’t want to be sued because it did those things and the girl who bought my necklace ended up cheating on her husband (because his sex drive did not increase enough to match hers and the mailman is super smoking…)  and buying a hovercraft with the money she found on the street. That would be some terrible karma.

But you know… my art is super cute and will look good on you or around you in your home. It may or may not increase friskiness between you and your mate. Buy my stuff. Free me from my day job.


Welcome to the Junk Box that is My Mind…

Welcome to my latest attempt at a blog. I’ve been having some luck with my 1 fuzzy Monster Blog, so I figured why not go back to the randomness of a purposeless blog. This is where I will dump all the extra fluff that gets caught in my brain pan.

I‘m starting to think I might be reading too many stories. Not because reading isn’t awesome but because yesterday they pulled a friend of mine into the office–I have no idea why. Could have been asking them to go and get more pretzels from the Pretzel Factory, we do that a lot here–and immediately I start thinking it’s about me.

Not me specifically but me and this friend get together to bitch while he has a smoke. So obviously I thought someone had heard us talking and was on to us. I imagined tons of scenarios — most ending with me throwing a drink in a manager’s face Joan Collins Style and booking out of here to jump into a getaway vehicle– Because see it just had to be a big dramatic situation that made me both anxious and excited…like a good book. So either I am reading waaaaaaay too much or my job is waaaaaaaaaaaay duller than I think it is. (Psst & I think it’s pretty damned boring.)

Now I’m kind of sad… I really would like to quit a job by throwing a drink in someone’s face and scrambling into a getaway car… There’s still time. Just gotta leave a glass of something foul “science projecting” on my desk. Because when that opportunity arises I want to be able to  accidentally create a mutant nemesis that I can do battle with.