Karen Kalbacher is a writer and illustrator straight off the “mean streets” of  Far Northeast Philadelphia. She graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia with an Associates in Art & Specialized Technology. She illustrates books, ebook covers and all sorts of other things like napkins and bits of paper someone carelessly left out.

Karen writes articles, mainstream fiction, YA, and fantasy, although she has been known to write horror. Karen has been published for short stories and did a stint as a band interviewer for Origivation magazine. She is a popular ghostwriter on Fiverr.com (fuzzyM.)

She lives in a one bedroom Ikea based Rainbow Palace with too many plants and her guinea pig editorial assistants. Karen runs a regular podcast about Red Dwarf called, “Boys from the Dwarf” with BFF Rick Feinberg Connor. When Red Dwarf isn’t on she and Rick switch to Eh, It’s Something to Do. Occasionally, she & Sam Warner record The Tardis Tapes, a review show for the main range of the Big Finish Audio Adventures of Doctor Who – a Listen to it on iTunes, or podbean.

Her current books can be found on Amazon.com.

Karen Kalbacher is available for illustrative, writing, content editing and ghostwriting services. She can also be persuaded to create knit dolls if you have a particularly good idea.



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  1. Hello, Karen. My name is Kim and I found your name when I purchased a book from a friend’s daughter whose name is Christine Melaas. She wrote a book called Giraffes in Outer Space and you illustrated it. I was wondering if you could illustrate a short story my husband and I wrote called The Legend of Maple Syrup. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!

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