Day 7: Writing Career…Snow Day?

I got canceled from work and thought I would get loads done. And I did but it was mostly illustration and rescuing a friend’s car from the snow. I also watched way too many episodes of Doctor Who and now have an English accent as I type. Oh go on…

The short story I wrote yesterday has gotten 2 good reviews so far. Waiting on one more and then Thursday when I’m off, I will be editing it. But I’m pretty excited about the positive feedback. It makes me want to keep going. One beta reader even suggested I just send all my writing to her for review (I think she likes it!) So there’s that!

Also signed up for a writing site. It looks pretty interesting. Started filling out my information. I am 47% complete. Whoosh! That’s a lot of completeness for one day. I am feeling pretty accomplished and I made cookies.


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