Rededicating Myself to the Home Business and Some Other Good Stuff Too.

I’m sitting in front of my computer drinking a new meal replacement drink my BF is getting into marketing. It tastes like melted chocolate ice cream and is only very slightly too thick. And that is my fault since I used 1% milk instead of the skim or water it recommends. So yep, I will be full for awhile. This is great news since my dad bought me Spicy Nacho Doritos and I want to eat the whole bag in one sitting then regret it for the rest of the day, only to go out tomorrow hunting for more delicious salty snacks. Mmm melted chocolate is good enough to distract me though.

My link has been down for 3 weeks. Some server insanity kicked it off and my tech pal got the dns settings working today. I uploaded stuff and I am still waiting for it to appear. I am tech savvy but I am no programmer so I could have done any number of things wrong. But it is a good sign that I may have a quicker link to my business back up and running. Not that I ever stopped. I even have 9 pieces in the Metropolitan Bakery in University City, 4013 Walnut Street, Phila, PA. Check it out! I just want to get going on the money making part of my endeavors.

Last night I made a ton of lists. I did some research. Now all I need to do is start.

So this is me starting. (Plus I’m also starting a fitness plan…)


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