Working from Home

So the dang car is fixed and things are looking up! Got my books on Amazon as little digital wonders: My Big Fat Friend (which is a Romantic Comedy, not someone offensively labeling someone as morbidly obese, ) and a digital version of my illustrated kid-lit book: The Angry Rabbit.  If you have some cash lying around you should check them out. I could use some reviews.

Now I’m trying to get my art business off the ground. The winter cold made people hide but now with a few warm days I landed a job painting 2 surfboards. My living room looks so cool today. Surf’s up! (I do not know how to surf.) And also 14 of my lovely art pieces are at a wonderful place called the Rocket Cat Cafe. It’s 2001 Frankford Ave in Fishtown. So you should go there and hang out. The coffee is fair trade and there are a lot of hippie goodies made vegan style. I had the Blondie  the hot chocolate and the chai tea…all were amazing. If original art is out of your price range you should hit me up for a print or twelve. I will have them made up for you.

Craft Shows are starting soon so look for these guys at a show near you:



And if you have an art project you want help with let me know. I work for cash (I will take spare change out of the sofa…) Remember any money you give me gets spent on Diet Coke and Doritos so you’re helping a good cause. (Some cash may also go to paying bills.)


On the home front I have cleared out the garden and am getting ready to flip the dirt and expand. I’m excited to get to all the madness of Spring! My windows are open. My 80’s music is on. Andy (my tiny greasy character from My Big Fat Friend) would be dang proud of me right now. The living room is a nightmare however and I have no intention of cleaning it today… Surfboards! Back to the painting.



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