New Year – More of the Same

Unlike a lot of my friends, 2012 was one of the best years of my life. I went on a cross country trip down to Florida and across to California. I had my great guy move in with me. I partied like a rock star. Started my own business and quit my day job to work on said business( – check it out!) That leaves me in a weird state for making resolutions. I think I’m just going to say, “More of the same please.”

I could wish for a skinnier me. But a happy me is all I really want. Oh and to get the car situation completely done and over with (hopefully with me taking my car out on the road and not to the dump, thanks muchly universe!!

So instead here is a list of goals. These things will happen:

1. Finish the 2 drawings that I need to send to Highlights (2 are done, 2 more to go. Woo!)

2. Get car on road.

3. Go back to regular routine (gym, hanging out) once car is returned.

4. Make sure a lot of people buy my art. (and enjoy it!)

5. Be happy.

6. Have happy Piggies

7. Travel

I’ll keep you posted when each one is completed. Now what are you going to do?

Because 13 is my lucky number, I know it’s going to be a kick ass year.



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