New Year – More of the Same

Unlike a lot of my friends, 2012 was one of the best years of my life. I went on a cross country trip down to Florida and across to California. I had my great guy move in with me. I partied like a rock star. Started my own business and quit my day job to work on said business( – check it out!) That leaves me in a weird state for making resolutions. I think I’m just going to say, “More of the same please.”

I could wish for a skinnier me. But a happy me is all I really want. Oh and to get the car situation completely done and over with (hopefully with me taking my car out on the road and not to the dump, thanks muchly universe!!

So instead here is a list of goals. These things will happen:

1. Finish the 2 drawings that I need to send to Highlights (2 are done, 2 more to go. Woo!)

2. Get car on road.

3. Go back to regular routine (gym, hanging out) once car is returned.

4. Make sure a lot of people buy my art. (and enjoy it!)

5. Be happy.

6. Have happy Piggies

7. Travel

I’ll keep you posted when each one is completed. Now what are you going to do?

Because 13 is my lucky number, I know it’s going to be a kick ass year.



Nanowrimo Winner with Broken Car!

It’s been a few weeks without my car and I’ve realized┬ásomething┬ávery important about myself: I do not like when I can’t get to point B.

Also that I like to move around a lot but not when it’s cold. I’ve spent a lot of time indoors lately and not all of those hours were due to the enormous amount of time it takes to complete a 50,ooo word novel in a month. I have been writing until the fingers swell and then creating art until the eye starts twitching but mostly I’ve been avoiding the cold. I would love to retire to Florida at the ripe old age of thirty-five but someone needs to make my company grow and become even more infused with AWESOME!

On the work front I am attacking craft shows and banging out logos for a video company, a cake company and two bands. If you need a logo you should catch me while I’m on a winning streak. Fast turn over is complete with your files and a heady dose of sarcasm. The files are free. The sarcasm is double free. Also I’ve finally gotten my butt in gear and started reworking Pretty sure I should just be using it to link to here. That’s the fun and lazy way to do things, less labor intensive. We’ll see, the index page is updated..but not uploaded so tomorrow will be decision day for that loverly nightmare project. I love the old page even if it is in red and my WordPress is in pale-tastic blue. Stay tuned for updates to my awesomeness.

…And also for when my car gets back on the road.

Hey if you have a place of business that likes my art, I will hang it on your walls. Just tell me where and when to show up and how weird I can be. I’m really a fun alternative to ‘traditional’ art which I consider boring because no one uses lime green in fused with psycho radioactive green or candy apple… if you prefer normal names for SUPER COLORS!!!!

Oh and as for winning Nano – I finished a whole day early! I got my donor halo and I ordered a tee. I love writing, writers and all of you.