Broke the Dang Car Again!

My car is getting old. Mostly it keeps me going from place to place and remains pretty much awesome -except for the haunted radio of course. But today it started making crazy noises. So now it needs a belt, a pulley & some kind of valve replacement. Luckily for me there’s an out of work mechanic across the street from my parents willing to do the work. Pretty awesome. His name is Pat and he is super awesome for needing my money badly enough to do the gig cheap.

But my car better pull through this and last me long enough to get my first electric/magic carpet ride car.

Because in the future Al Gore is going to unveil his super secret flying car project. And I am going to be first in line for one of those babies! Especially if it comes with a hover board… Time is so close to being up for you scientists.

On another front, I am about to paint a bunch of old frames different colors to make them brand new for when a coffee shop finally realizes that all my art makes people want to buy double the amount of espresso to make sense. That’s when my career will really take off. (Psst, definitely how I’m paying for my flying car. I will of course get out of the coffee shop art biz before global warming kills Arabica beans though… because at that point it will just be sad.)

Anyway, this should be a fun project to keep my mind on happy things. Also if you have a coffee shop you should put my art up. It makes people really like coffee and um cake…yes definitely cakes. I can sell many many cakes with my mustachio’ed animals and super bright colors.

My car will be back tomorrow night and it better be freaking bionic… or else. I’m guessing this guy will add the legs they cut off that chick in American Horror Story.