Nanowrimo is Coming

Halloween is almost here! Hayrides, Ghost Tours, Parties & Pumpkin themed everything.  All leading up to the night where I am disappointed in kids. I have 3 steps! Why won’t you guys climb the 3 lousy steps? Damn it I get the chocolate…none of that cheap gum that tastes like the wrapper garbage. I have high quality chocolate. But the walk is soooo long. Then I get cranky like an old auntie and start talking about how we went out at 6pm and didn’t come back til out pillowcases were full. Finally I eat most of the candy myself. (Next year I’m investing in a slingshot–chocolate attack!)

But the benefit is:  SUPER HYPER SUGAR CRAZE!

And that’s when October ends & Nanowrimo begins.

50,000 words in one month. I failed 2 years in a row because my life took some crazy twists & turns but this year…. I’m ready.


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