Sitting in Pink Pony Makeup

My Halloween party is about an hour off. I’m hanging around watching reruns of Ink Master with super pink makeup on my face. I’m pretty excited to step into my My Little Pony Pants and be Firefly for a night. I loved her on My Little Pony. But all I got was one movie and then never again. I wish that psychotic new Friendship is Magic would have Firefly on. Come on Sandy Duncan… or Sandy Duncan sound alike, it’s time for Firefly to do the Double Inside Out Loop once more. Also it would be nice if the ponies fought things more than jealousy and an obvious addiction to crack.

Also, how come the new cartoons are all the same? At least the ones for girls… There is no Purple Pie Man of Porcupine Peak in the new Strawberry Shortcake. No Dark Heart or Cold Heart to defeat on CareBears and not a hint of a Catrina-esque character on the MLP Friendship is Magic. It’s a really strange world that has no enemies to fight, no people to representing good or bad. Just CareBears who seem to be extremely selfish and not showing anyone how to share (Sharing is caring…remember that?) Everyone likes an underdog… Can’t have one of those when everyone is “Good.” Well… not good. Just self involved.

Give me the Rainbow of Darkness any day, then at least Firefly could fight it with the Rainbow of light… Not 30 years of therapy.



Small Business Owner Me?

The scariest moment is always just before you start. – Stephen King

You can read about my previous job in other ramblings. Just know this, I quit. My brain had had enough of cotton being shoved in and ideas being pushed out. The problem was the ideas kept boiling up despite the cotton leading to a brain fit to bursting. I am excited to say I am now solely the Owner & Operator of 1 Fuzzy Monster – A design/custom illustration/handmade goods company.

I am ready to take on the world one project at a time. A children’s book idea was presented to me not 2 hours after I left work for the last time and it’s a good one. Several ideas for new illustrations have cropped up. It was so bad I was forced to abandon relaxing on the couch and wondering what to do next for a jaunt to Dick Blick to buy supplies. And it’s a good thing I have a finite budget or I would have bought absolutely everything they had…twice. When I got to the city a car rolled out of the spot I wanted and the weather  fancied up for me. It was like one of those dumb scenes in a movie where I cheerfully danced my way to the supplies–not really. But it was a close facsimile in my head.

Now I’m debating whether or not I should walk in the park before I start crocking some dinner and knocking out some fresh art. What a nice day!

Keep it nice. Think of me for your very next art project, okay? 😉

Psst… I also went to Ikea. Fabulous!


Working on my Etsy Shop (1FuzzyMonster)

Nothing would please me more than to quit my day job (see previous over dramatic accounts of my job and future over dramatic complaints…) Today I’m updating my Etsy Shop. I never know what to write in the descriptions. Kind of want to put: Look at my amazing art! It will increase your sex drive, lead to you finding money on the street and losing ten pounds if you buy one piece of my super melty magical art!

Instead I put normal stuff.

I wouldn’t want to be sued because someone bought my stuff and it did none of those things… And I wouldn’t want to be sued because it did those things and the girl who bought my necklace ended up cheating on her husband (because his sex drive did not increase enough to match hers and the mailman is super smoking…)  and buying a hovercraft with the money she found on the street. That would be some terrible karma.

But you know… my art is super cute and will look good on you or around you in your home. It may or may not increase friskiness between you and your mate. Buy my stuff. Free me from my day job.


Nanowrimo is Coming

Halloween is almost here! Hayrides, Ghost Tours, Parties & Pumpkin themed everything.  All leading up to the night where I am disappointed in kids. I have 3 steps! Why won’t you guys climb the 3 lousy steps? Damn it I get the chocolate…none of that cheap gum that tastes like the wrapper garbage. I have high quality chocolate. But the walk is soooo long. Then I get cranky like an old auntie and start talking about how we went out at 6pm and didn’t come back til out pillowcases were full. Finally I eat most of the candy myself. (Next year I’m investing in a slingshot–chocolate attack!)

But the benefit is:  SUPER HYPER SUGAR CRAZE!

And that’s when October ends & Nanowrimo begins.

50,000 words in one month. I failed 2 years in a row because my life took some crazy twists & turns but this year…. I’m ready.