Welcome to the Junk Box that is My Mind…

Welcome to my latest attempt at a blog. I’ve been having some luck with my 1 fuzzy Monster Blog, so I figured why not go back to the randomness of a purposeless blog. This is where I will dump all the extra fluff that gets caught in my brain pan.

I‘m starting to think I might be reading too many stories. Not because reading isn’t awesome but because yesterday they pulled a friend of mine into the office–I have no idea why. Could have been asking them to go and get more pretzels from the Pretzel Factory, we do that a lot here–and immediately I start thinking it’s about me.

Not me specifically but me and this friend get together to bitch while he has a smoke. So obviously I thought someone had heard us talking and was on to us. I imagined tons of scenarios — most ending with me throwing a drink in a manager’s face Joan Collins Style and booking out of here to jump into a getaway vehicle– Because see it just had to be a big dramatic situation that made me both anxious and excited…like a good book. So either I am reading waaaaaaay too much or my job is waaaaaaaaaaaay duller than I think it is. (Psst & I think it’s pretty damned boring.)

Now I’m kind of sad… I really would like to quit a job by throwing a drink in someone’s face and scrambling into a getaway car… There’s still time. Just gotta leave a glass of something foul “science projecting” on my desk. Because when that opportunity arises I want to be able to  accidentally create a mutant nemesis that I can do battle with.


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